Circa Third Grade

Having the privilege to return back to thoughts I had years ago is thrilling. To me, now, my 3rd grade self seems so fearless and brilliant. She reminds me of how important it is to maintain the freedom and expansiveness of a little-kid brain. And I’m sure, twenty years from now, I’ll be able to learn something from the journals I’m keeping today. In an effort to keep capturing my thoughts (no matter what they are, just as my 3rd grade teacher Ms. Davies said) I’m launching this project. I’m going through my childhood notebooks, entry by entry, and seeing what third-grade-Jenna motivates post-grad-Jenna to write. If you care to follow me as I work through this project that would be delightful. But what’s even more important to me than you following along is this: if you ever wrote anything down in your childhood, go find it, please, and hold on to it.